Keelah: We raised a recommendation to impose a comprehensive lockdown for two weeks

The Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kaila, said this evening, Wednesday, that the Ministry's Emergency Committee has submitted a recommendation to the Council of Ministers, to impose a comprehensive closure for two weeks to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Today, Al Keela chaired a committee meeting to discuss the significant increase in the number of coronavirus infections.

Al-Kailah said during the meeting that the Supreme Emergency Committee will issue decisions regarding appropriate measures to confront the rapid spread of the number of injured.

And the Minister of Health said this morning, that the country's governorates have already entered the third wave of the Coronavirus, with the number of infections increasing exponentially and sharply.

Al-Kaila indicated that the number of cases on artificial respirators reached 48% of all infected people, which is the highest since the outbreak of the pandemic.

It indicated that the occupancy rate in hospital beds in the northern West Bank reached 67%, while in the cities of Ramallah, Jericho and the suburbs of Jerusalem 105%, and in the southern West Bank 83%.

Al-Kaila pointed out that today there will be an urgent meeting with the ministry to assess the situation and then submit recommendations to the Epidemiology Committee, and then to the Council of Ministers, pointing out that the recommendations may include a request for a comprehensive and tight closure in all governorates.

And she noted that the ministry does not have any information about the new South African or Brazilian strain of the Corona virus, noting that the available information only relates to the British strain.

And she said: The Brazilian strain is the most deadly, because it affects young ages with strong immunity, and therefore everyone must fully and thoroughly adhere to the muzzle.


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