The Chinese company "Sinopharm": 43 million doses of its vaccine were used against "Corona"

The China National Pharmaceutical Industries Group Co., Ltd. "Sinopharma" announced today, Monday, that more than 43 million doses of its vaccine against the "Corona" virus have been used inside and outside China.

Company President Liu Jing Chen said in a statement carried by China International Television Network, "CGTN", that the production capacity of the vaccine will exceed one billion doses during 2021.

He added that so far, more than 34 million doses have been used inside China and the rest outside the country, out of 43 million doses.

It is noteworthy that about 53 countries benefit from the Chinese "Sinopharma" vaccine, including Gulf and Arab countries, as this vaccine obtained approval from the relevant Chinese authorities on December 31, after it showed 79.34 percent effectiveness against the "Corona" virus.

The "Corona" virus has caused the death of two million 480 thousand people in the world so far, while more than 87 million and 500 thousand have been infected, and the United States is the most affected country, followed by Brazil, Mexico, India and the United Kingdom.


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