Gaza .. $ 1.5 million losses of "Israel" dumping agricultural lands

Today, Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture estimated the total value of losses inflicted on the agricultural sector as a result of "Israel" opening dams that collect rainwater, towards the lands adjacent to the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip, at about $ 1.5 million .

She added in a statement that "the area of ​​agricultural land that was flooded with rainwater due to the opening of the ferries amounted to about 700 dunums (a dunum is equivalent to a thousand meters), including 600 dunums east of Gaza City and 100 east of Beit Hanoun town (north).

And the ministry continued, "During this month, Israel has opened dams that collect rainwater towards agricultural lands twice."

The ministry called for "human rights organizations to intervene urgently to stop the Israeli violations committed against the agricultural sector in Gaza."

In previous years, the Israeli occupation authorities built a number of water dams along the eastern and northern areas of the Strip. With the aim of preventing the natural flow of rain water and depriving the Gaza underground reservoir of its sources of nutrition .

In the event that the dams are very full, and for fear of their collapse, especially after heavy rains in the region, "Israel" suddenly opens the water of the dams towards Palestinian lands in Gaza, without warning the residents or the competent authorities.


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