The occupation threatens to demolish 4 apartments in Al-Issawiya tomorrow

The Israeli occupation authorities informed the official of the guards of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque during the morning period, Fadi Ali Alian, today, Sunday, to demolish his family’s two-story building near the entrance to the town of Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem, tomorrow.

Elyan said that the Israeli occupation municipality in occupied Jerusalem informed him of the demolition of a building of about 370 square meters, which includes 4 apartments.

He added, although the building falls within the outline plan permitted to be built in Al-Issawiya, the occupation seeks to demolish it to restrict me and prevent me from working in Al-Aqsa.

On August 8 of last year, the Israeli Occupation Court refused to freeze the decision to demolish the Alyan family’s home in the town of Al-Issawiya, after it approved the suspension of any possibility to continue licensing procedures by the family.

It is noteworthy that Al-Aqsa guard, Alayyan, was arrested several times and deported from the mosque, under the pretext of disrupting settler incursions and protesting against the occupation soldiers' desecration of the prayer halls.


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