Protesters close the UNRWA aid distribution centers in Gaza

Protesters closed, Sunday morning, a number of UNRWA food distribution centers in the Gaza Strip, rejecting the policy of unifying the "food bar" for all those who deserve it, and abolishing the "yellow cab" system that used to be given to families with more members .

The protesters demanded the necessity of restoring the old system in light of the urgent need of refugees for those food aid, considering what happened as a reduction in aid.

UNRWA suffers from a stifling financial crisis, which has caused the reduction of many of its programs, including food aid, as it announced.

The Joint Committee for Palestinian Refugees accused the UNRWA administration of trying to impose a fait accompli by depriving more than 770,000 refugees of their right to obtain a food ration.

She indicated that these protests are a first step and a message for the UNRWA administration to reverse this new reduction in the livelihood of the refugee poor, warning the UNRWA administration to continue this policy, and that it will continue its steps until the reversal of these decisions.


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