Injuries during the occupation´s suppression of two marches in Kafr Qadum and Beit Dajan

 On Friday, two civilians were injured during the occupation's suppression of weekly marches that began in Kafr Kadum, east of Qalqilya, and the village of Beit Dagen, east of Nablus.
Our correspondent said: The weekly March of Kafr Kaddoum, launched on Friday, despite the rainy weather, after the end of Friday prayers towards the entrance, which has been closed since 2003.
According to local sources, a young man was hit in the back by a squishy bullet during the occupation's suppression of the march, and dozens were suffocated by the intensity of tear gas canisters fired deliberately by Israeli soldiers at the houses.
The sources added: "The Israeli occupation army deliberately targets the people to prevent the start of the weekly march on Fridays and Saturdays and to form popular pressure on its launch 10 years ago."
In the village of Beit Dagen, east of Nablus, a citizen was injured by rubber-coated metal bullets during the israeli occupation forces' repression, a peaceful march to protest the establishment of a outpost in the area of the village of Beit Dagen, east of Nablus.
According to the official news agency, the occupying forces fired rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters at the marchers, injuring one of the participants with rubber-coated metal bullets in his foot.
Hundreds of citizens took part in the march called by the People's Committee for the Defense of The Land.
Every Friday, the village experiences clashes with the occupying forces in the territories threatened with capture.

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