"Big watermelon " sold only $2 million!

Washington _ Agencies

A thousand dollar banknote was sold at auction in the United States of America, compared to $2 million.

The house  "Stack's Bowers algeres" opened an auction on Thursday, October 25, in Baltimore, Maryland, for a banknote made in 1890, dubbed the great melon  "Grand watermen".a, because of the green lines in which the banknote was painted at the time.

The face of the banknote shows a portrait of the Brigade, George Gordon Meade (1815-1872), who defeated General Lee in the decisive Battle of Gettysburg (1863) in the American Civil War.

Antiques collectors and unique archaeological coins are known to have only 7 banknotes of this type. Brian Kandila, director of the house  "Stack's Bowers", said:  "The great melon of the rarest and most sought after banknotes in the precious banknote market in America ".

Kandila pointed out that there are only three banknotes of this kind in the collections of collectors, and the paper presented today is the most rare because it kept its shape better than the rest.


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