167 Martyrs Since the start of the Gaza marches

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said Saturday that 167 citizens had been martyred since the start of the return marches and the blockade was broken on March 30 March.

According to the ministry, 18,000 people sustained various injuries and gas asphyxiation during the marches, noting that there were cases of casualties still in danger.

It noted that three paramedics were martyred, while 370 paramedics were injured and 70 ambulances were damaged.

The nature and quality of the injuries that arrived at hospitals on the 20th Friday of the March show that the Israeli occupation forces deliberately sniping people in deadly and sensitive areas of the body using a variety of firearms, said Ashraf al-Muhad, spokesman for the ministry.

He noted that the number of martyrs had been raised to 3 and that 307 citizens, including 28 children, had been injured. Five of the wounded are still in serious condition, he added.

He said the Israeli occupation forces had focused on targeting medical emergencies, adding that the victim, paramedic Abdullah al-Qatiti, had been subjected to a fatal bullet from the heart in the course of his humanitarian work with his volunteer team in the ambulance to the wounded east of Rafah, wearing medical coats.

Five paramedics were reportedly injured, while ambulances came under direct fire, putting the lives of their crews directly at risk.

He called on the international community and its humanitarian and legal institutions to act immediately to stop the continuing Israeli violations against the defenceless Palestinian people in accordance with international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.


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