The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Occupation crimes become increasingly dangerous due to the absence of the international community´s position

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that the tours and incursions carried out by Israeli officials into the Occupied Palestinian Territory come in light of the escalation of attacks and crimes committed by the occupation forces and settlers daily against the Palestinian people, their land, holy sites and properties, as if Israel is competing with itself in committing More crimes against the Palestinian people.

In a statement today, Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry condemned the settlement visit by the extremist Naftali Bint to Mount Ebal, and the statements he made, considering it as inciting par excellence and an integral part of a systematic Israeli campaign aimed at expanding the occupation's seizure of more Palestinian land, through attempts to capture And judaize many of the Palestinian archaeological and historical sites.

She confirmed that she will receive his penalty and will be among the Israeli war criminals and will appear before the International Criminal Court, especially since his declared extremist statements and stances incite the killing of Palestinians, and call for racism, hatred and violence.

She explained that the occupation continues to commit its crimes and implement its colonial expansionist policies, regardless of criticism, condemnations and international reactions, and to implement its vision on the ground to expel citizens and replace settlers, as part of a colonial settlement expansion plan and gradual annexation to prevent the establishment of the Palestinian state, and impose new facts on the ground. Irreversible with the aim of destroying the national project.

The ministry pointed out that "yesterday's continuing occupation crimes do not differ in essence from today and tomorrow, and the only difference is not in the occupying Israel’s commission of crimes against our people, but rather in the retreat of international reactions to those crimes, which strengthens our conviction to insist on keeping the seventh item on the schedule." The work of the Human Rights Council, and the maintenance of draft resolutions that are discussed at the United Nations at different levels. "

She said: This will not deter us from searching for new means and methods, and the development of others to highlight and expose the occupation’s deliberate violations and crimes against our people, in order to enhance the motivation of the international community to pursue Israel as an occupying power, and put an end to its rebellion against international legitimacy and its violation of international law and its crimes against humanity.

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