A teacher from Gaza wins the title of "Global Achievement of the Year 2021"

Teacher Lina Khalifeh from Zahrat Al-Madaen Secondary School for Girls in the Gaza Strip won the title of "Best Global Achievement for the Year 2021" from the EDUKOS UNITE Foundation in India, which is interested in developing education.

Ms. Lina became the first teacher to become a member of the EDUKOS Unite team in Palestine. According to what the Ministry of Education in Gaza reported.

The EDUKOS Unite Global Achiever Awards focus on providing recognition to those who advance in educational work and implement new ideas.

The teacher, Lina Khalifeh, has excelled in applying new methods and means in teaching since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the Gaza Strip and the disruption of face education, where she completed dozens of virtual meetings and training programs using various e-learning techniques.

Lina Khalifeh, a teacher, has won many international titles, most notably the ambassador of the Weekly educational platform, the ambassador of the Bounsi educational platform, and the ambassador of the T4 Global Education Week, and she founded the education team that brings us together for e-learning and international human development.

She also works as a Microsoft and ALECSO certified trainer, community immunization ambassador, and coordinator of the Tunisian educational platform Qisaa.

And she won the title of creative expert Microsoft innovator 2020/2021, and the title of digital content knights in the first category in 2020, which is a competition for the Ministry of Education, and she also won an award from the 50 best educational trainers in the Arab world.


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