Delivery of demolition notices for 15 homes in Yatma

On Sunday, the Israeli occupation authorities delivered demolition notices for fifteen homes in the town of Yatma, south of Nablus.

The official in charge of the settlement file in the northern West Bank, Ghassan Douglas, stated that the occupation has issued notices to demolish 15 homes located in the "Batn Al-Ain" area in the town of Yatma under the pretext of building in Area C, even though it has existed and has been inhabited for many years.

He knew among the owners of the houses: Shadi Najjar, Moein Najjar, Nidal Sanouber, Ibrahim Mouti ', Ahmed Tawfiq Najjar, Yazid Khudair, Muhammad Ahmad Najjar and Anas Najjar.

He stressed that the occupation has been waging a frantic campaign to demolish homes in the Nablus governorate, since the beginning of this year.


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