The Artura is a super-powerful McLaren hybrid

 British luxury sports car manufacturer McLaren has broadcast its promotional advertisement for its new super-powerful luxury car Artura, indicating its intention to officially unveil it next week.

According to the CNET website, which specializes in technology issues, the new Artura will inaugurate the era of electric cars for McLaren, as it is powered by a "V6" hybrid engine. The shift towards hybrid engines running on conventional fuels and electricity is a major one for the British company. It also marked the end of the McLaren Sports.

With the introduction of the Artura, McLaren will stop production of the McLaren Sports 540C, 570S and 600LT. At the same time, McLaren intends to introduce more new models in the coming period.

All this change comes with a new chassis to complement the brand new "V6" hybrid engine. McLaren said last year the new chassis would support anything from a super-powered car with an auxiliary electric motor to a fully electric vehicle. Perhaps most importantly, the new chassis gets rid of a lot of the redundant components in super-powerful cars, to prevent the car from getting too much weight when adding electric car batteries to it, which leads to an increase in the car’s weight.


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