Notices to stop building 13 homes and public facilities in Yasuf

and yesterday, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation authorities ordered to stop work and construction in 13 houses and public facilities in the village of Yasouf, east of Salfit.

And local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village in the morning, and received notices to stop construction in 11 houses, the village playground, and stop the rehabilitation of one of its streets, and photographed the houses and roads located on the outskirts of the village.

The notified houses belong to each of the citizens: Wajdi Abayya, Adnan Yassin, Usama Musleh, Mustafa Obayya, Muhammad Qasim Ubayya, Husam Abd al-Razzaq, Munthir Husayn, Ibrahim Ubayya, Suhail Hussein, Majdi Ubayya and Osama Ubayd.

The head of the village council stated that the occupation has delivered two notices to stop construction work on the stadium, which is located in the Nasbah area and the street leading to the stadium.

In turn, the Governor of Salfit, Major General Dr. Abdullah Kamil, instructed the competent authorities in the governorate to legally follow up these notifications, calling on the people to provide the necessary property papers and communicate with the village council and the governorate in this regard.

And he demanded the swift intervention of human rights and international institutions to stop the occupation’s attacks and its aggressive practices against the people of the province.


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