Among them are minors and children .. 456 Palestinian detainees in January

Four human rights organizations concerned with the prisoners said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested 456 Palestinians during the month of January 2021; Among them are 93 children and 8 women.

According to a report released on Saturday by the Prisoners' Affairs Authority, Prisoner Club, Addameer Prisoner Care and Human Rights Foundation, and Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, the number of administrative detention orders issued last month reached 105, including 30 new orders and 75 renewals.

The report stated that the number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the occupation prisons reached about 4,500 prisoners, including 37 female prisoners, while the number of children and minors in the occupation prisons reached about 140 children, and the number of administrative detainees was about 450.

The report reviewed a set of policies that the Israeli occupation continues to implement, including the policy of solitary confinement such as the prisoner Omar Kharwat, medical negligence (deliberate) such as the two prisoners, Hussein Masalmeh, who has cancer, Khaled Ghizhan, who suffers from Corona virus, and administrative detention, such as the elderly prisoner Isaac Yunus, and about the detention policy. Children The report reviews several cases from Jerusalem.


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