Netanyahu is again failing to postpone his trial

The Israeli Central Court in Jerusalem rejected, today, Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request to postpone the hearing date to hear the testimonies of witnesses in his case until the government's legal advisor Avichai Mandelblit takes his decision on filing indictments against "Bezeq" companies And "Walla" and "Yediot Aharonot" or not.

Netanyahu's defense team said that it is not possible to distinguish between the accused and the accused companies, and that the conduct of two separate trials in this case may cause legal problems, according to the Arabic-speaking Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

The judges accepted the "prosecutor's" position, and asserted that there was no justification for postponing the trial pending Mandelblit's decision.

It is noteworthy that the court has not yet set a date to start the stage of hearing the pleadings of the prosecution and defense.

It is decided that the defendants in the case will respond in the session that will take place after two weeks to the charges against them by confession or denial.


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