Gaza Health: The epidemiological situation is moving for the better

Mohammed Abu Salmiya, Director General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex and Head of the Emergency Committee in Gaza Governorate, said that the epidemiological situation in the Gaza Strip is heading for the better in light of preventive measures, warning at the same time that the danger still exists.

Abu Salmiya stated in a radio interview, that there is a significant and significant decrease in the number of cases infected with Coronavirus, especially critical and serious cases in the European Gaza Hospital and Turkish Friendship due to the measures taken by the Ministries of Health and Interior to limit the spread of the epidemic.

He added: "We witnessed previously, with the start of the pandemic, in days, a significant increase in the number of injuries, and we reached 280 critical and serious cases, and today we are talking about 45 cases between serious and critical."

He pointed out that the Al-Shifa Medical Complex reached 80 cases of Corona during the days of the pandemic, and currently there are 17 cases and less.

He continued: "The capacity of the health system and the number of cases that need medical care are what motivate us to make decisions to resume scheduled operations, and it is expected next week that the work of outpatient clinics will resume."


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