Gaza Health: The British strain of Corona is not far from the Strip

Magdy Dahir, Deputy Director General of Primary Care at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, said that the British strain of Coronavirus is not far from the Strip and does not differ from the first strain, but the difference is the speed of spread.

Dahir stated in radio statements, that whoever was infected with the old strain would not be infected with the new strain, indicating that if it entered the Gaza Strip, it would not have an effect because a large proportion of people became immune to the old and new strain.

Regarding the withdrawal of blood samples from citizens, the medical official in Gaza explained that the aim is to identify the immune bodies in the blood inside the body.

He said, "We are now withdrawing samples from the Khan Yunis governorate, and we will continue in succession until we complete the rest of the governorates to find out the rates of spread of the Corona virus and build our policies on scientific facts that allow us to take appropriate decisions."

He pointed out that there is a clear decline in the rates of infection with the Coronavirus as a result of preventive measures, on top of which is the closure on Friday and Saturday.


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