Settlers uproot 120 olive trees and destroy a fence and an agricultural room in Kafr al-Dik

On Saturday, settlers uprooted 120 olive trees and destroyed and vandalized a fence and an agricultural room in the town of Kafr El-Deek, west of Salfit.

The Media Department in Salfit governorate reported that a group of settlers uprooted 120 olive trees belonging to the two brothers Jamal and Abd Tawfiq Ali Al-Ahmad, and destroyed large parts of the fence in the 16 dunums of “Harika Al-Owaina” land, in the Zohr Subuh area, north of Kafr Al-Dik.

Settlers' attacks also affected an agricultural room belonging to Mohammed Ayoub Ali Al-Ahmad, where the settlers destroyed the door of the room, broke its windows, and vandalized its possessions and stole part of it, in a land called “Al-Smouka” and its area of ​​8 dunums located opposite the Zohr Subuh area adjacent to the settlement of “Brokhin” north Kafr ad Dik.

In turn, the conductor of Salfit Governorate, Mahmoud Saleh called on citizens not to submit to the practices of the occupation and settlers, and urged the people and farmers to be permanently present in their lands and work to cultivate and reclaim them, holding the occupation government fully responsible for the escalation of settler crimes in the governorate.


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