Dozens of suffocation injuries and 3 rubber wounds, as the occupation cracked down on the Beit Dajan march

Dozens were suffocated by tear gas and three others were injured by rubber bullets as israeli occupying forces suppressed the weekly march against the establishment of a outpost in the north-eastern area of the village of Beit Dagen, east of Nablus.
Local sources confirmed that the occupying forces suppressed the weekly Beit Dagen march before arriving at the outpost, fired sound bombs, tear gas and rubber bullets, causing 3 injuries from rubber bullets, two of them on the ground, one in the face and one in the face taken to hospital for treatment, in addition to injuring dozens of people asphyxiated by gas and treated the injuries on the ground.
The march began today, after friday prayers, towards the outpost northeast of Beit Dajan, where the residents of Beit Dajan have been continuing their activities refusing to establish a outpost there for more than three months.

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