$1 million from Australia to help Palestine face Corona

 Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne announced the provision of one million dollars through the World Health Organization to Palestine, to help it cope with the Corona pandemic, by providing medical equipment and technical assistance.

Today, Thursday, Australian Ambassador to Palestine Mark Bailey, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Riyad Al-Maliki, delivered a message from the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs in response to Al-Maliki's request that the Australian government provide medical assistance to the Palestinian people to confront the Corona pandemic.

In his message, Al-Maliki praised Australia's excellence in facing the pandemic, expressing the Palestinian government's interest in obtaining Australian support due to the high number of injuries and deaths in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. He pointed to the deteriorating health conditions in Palestine and the efforts made by Palestinian medical teams, despite the scarcity of medical resources.

Bayley stressed the continuation of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in all fields and means.


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