China launches a new communications satellite

 China has successfully launched a new mobile communications satellite from the "Shichang" satellite launch center in Sichuan Province, southwest China, on Wednesday.

The new China News Agency "Xinhua" said today, Wednesday, that the "Tiantong 1-03" satellite was launched at 25:00 am (Beijing time) by the "Long March 3-B" carrier missile and entered its scheduled orbit successfully.

Tiantong-1 is an independently developed and built mobile satellite communication system by China. It consists of a space segment, a land segment, and a user station.

The "Tiantong 1-03" satellite, developed by the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, will establish a mobile network with ground facilities to provide all-weather mobile communication services at all times in a stable and reliable way, such as voice, short messages and data to users in China, the surrounding regions, the Middle East and Africa. And other related areas, in addition to most marine areas in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Wednesday's launch is Operation No. 358 by a series of "Long March" missiles and also marks the first launch by China of a satellite into space in 2021.


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