Tesla investigates car ignition accident (Model 3)

 News reports said today, Wednesday, that the American automaker Tesla is currently cooperating with the fire department in the Chinese city of Shanghai to find out the cause of the fire accident in a Model 3 car produced by the American company. .

The Chinese news site Shanghai Securities News indicated that the accident did not result in any injuries, adding that it may be caused by a short circuit in the car battery after a collision.

And Bloomberg News reported that Tesla did not respond to its request for comment on the news.

This comes just two days after Tesla began delivering the Model Y cars that it produces at its factory in Shanghai, China, to customers in China.

According to Tesla's statement, it has also established more than 720 high-speed charging stations for electric cars across China.

Tesla's website had indicated earlier this month that some customers who want to have the locally manufactured "Model Y" car in China will have to wait for a long time, which indicates the increasing demand for this car in the Chinese market.


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