Israel accuses Syria and Iran of standing behind the escalation in Gaza

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Israel on Saturday accused Syria of ordering the firing of dozens of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Gaza's cover settlements, and promised that its response would be "geographically limited."

The Islamic Jihad (holy war) said Saturday that an agreement to stop firing rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip had entered into force "immediately", following an "Egyptian mediation" against the "cessation of Israeli aggression." Neither Egypt nor Israel has commented on these statements.

The Gaza Strip witnessed a new wave of violence by the martyrdom of two citizens on Saturday during peaceful marches on the Gaza Strip border, while dozens of rockets were fired on Friday night and late at dawn on Saturday towards the Gaza cover settlements.

"The firing of rockets at night in Israel was ordered from Damascus with the clear participation of the Revolutionary Guard," said army spokesman Jonathan Konricos.

The Israeli army announced that at least 39 rockets fired by the Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip landed in Gaza's cover settlements without causing death or injury.

The Israeli air defense system "Iron Dome" intercepted 17 of the rockets, he said.

An Israeli army spokesman told reporters that the Israeli response "will not be geographically limited", hours after Israeli warplanes bombed "80 Hamas sites" in Gaza.

Hamas and other factions did not adopt rockets, but Israel blamed Hamas for the attacks because it controlled the besieged sector.

The Islamic Jihad (holy War), the second largest armed faction in the Gaza Strip after Hamas, welcomed the firing of rockets at dawn on Saturday, saying it was a response to "repeated Israeli aggressions."

Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, said in a separate statement that "the resistance is considering expanding the circle of response, both as well as in kind if the enemy continues to explode and attack our people." "The enemy knows that the resistance is ready to go further," she said, in an implicit indication of rocket attacks by the companies.

"Nine citizens were injured following the targeting of a Hamas-affiliated site by warplanes, hundreds of meters away from the Indonesian hospital in the town of Beit Lahiya," said Ashraf al-capacity, spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health, explaining that "serious material damage" was inflicted on the hospital.

For his part, a Palestinian security source said that "the Israeli occupation forces bombed the dawn of the Day (Saturday) with more than 100 rockets, sites and buildings (for factions) and a residential building, which resulted in injuries and serious damage to citizens ' homes." The aerial bombardment completely destroyed an uninhabited four-tier residential building in downtown Gaza City, he said.


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