Report: 1200 violations of Palestinian content on social media during 2020

A Palestinian center specializing in social media documented 1,200 violations of the right to Palestinian content on social media during the year 2020.

"The year 2020 was an exceptional year in terms of digital content, as it faced enormous challenges and difficult times and circumstances," said the report issued by the "Sada Social" Center today.

The center indicated that it documented 1,200 violations during the past year, which varied across many social media platforms and included many different methods.

And he indicated that among the violations, "closing and deleting accounts and pages, banning publication," banning live broadcasting and removing content, restricting access and follow-up, and publishing restrictions, in addition to blocking numbers across social networking sites and applications.

The report indicated that the year 2020 was one of the most difficult stages for Palestinian content, in terms of offensive policies by the administrations of social media platforms, and in terms of the new standards set by major platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, related to anti-Semitism and combating terrorism.

According to the Center's follow-up, digital companies, specifically Facebook, with all its platforms, do not deal with Israeli content the same way they do with Palestinian content.

The Center recorded a number of racist Israeli expressions and incitement to violence, and sometimes explicit killing of Palestinians without dealing with them.

The "echo Suchal" center volunteer center was launched at the beginning of the month of September 2017 , which means the Palestinian initiatives to enrich content on the Internet , especially in social networking sites, and to monitor violations against the content of the various parties.


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