London is "very concerned" about the decision to build 800 settlement units in the West Bank

Britain on Monday expressed its "deep concern" over the decision of the Israeli government to build about 800 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank, and asked it to put an "immediate" end to this project.

"Britain is very concerned about the decision of the Israeli government to approve the construction of 780 new settlement units in the occupied Palestinian territories, including areas in the West Bank," a foreign ministry spokesman declared.

"The settlements are illegal under international law and may undermine the two-state solution. We call for an immediate halt to construction of these units in East Jerusalem and other areas of the West Bank," he added.

In the midst of the campaign for the legislative elections scheduled for March 23, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement, "The Prime Minister has instructed to pay a project to build about 800 housing units in the West Bank.

"Peace Now", an anti-settlement organization, wrote in a statement, "Today, the Supreme Council for Planning approved a project to build 780 new housing units."

There are currently about 450,000 settlers in the West Bank, living among 2.8 million Palestinians.

All settlements in the West Bank are illegal by the international community.


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