Biden is completing the formation of his diplomatic team to "correct the course" of foreign policy

US President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday ended the formation of his diplomatic team that includes members of the previous Barack Obama administration, and embodies the desire to break with the unilateral approach of the Donald Trump administration, as well as aiming to “correct” The course of "American foreign policy."

Biden announced in late November the selection of Anthony Blinken, who worked in the Obama administration, for the position of Secretary of State.

And Wendy Sherman (71 years) was chosen as his deputy, a former diplomatic advisor under Bill Clinton before she assumed the position of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs during Obama's second term.

Sherman was one of the most prominent American negotiators on the Iran nuclear deal, and she also worked on the North Korean file during the Clinton administration.

Biden has hinted more than once that he intends to return the United States to the Iran nuclear deal after his inauguration, from which Trump withdrew in 2018 as he reimposed sanctions on Tehran that were lifted in 2015.

At the same time, however, the US President-elect is waiting for Tehran to revert to strict implementation of the terms of the agreement, after it recently backed down.

Saturday also announced the name of the new Assistant Secretary for Administration and Resources, who is an executive officer of the US State Department.

And for this position was chosen Brian McCune, who is close to Biden, and has been his advisor since he was a senator, before he assumed various positions in government during Obama's two terms.

With Anthony Blinken at the helm, this team will have the task of "correcting the course" of US foreign policy, as emphasized in the statement of the transition team of Joe Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris, "but also the task of reinventing it."

Biden aims from his options in his diplomatic team to stress the estrangement with the nationalist and unilateral foreign policy pursued by his predecessor Donald Trump, with the aim of returning again to a firm pluralistic line.

Biden said in a statement that the new faces of the US State Department "reflect a deep conviction that America is stronger when it cooperates with its allies."

The new president also wants to "restore moral and global leadership" to the United States, with the support of its allies. Biden's team affirmed that "America will return, ready to guide the world to the path, not to turn away from it."

In addition to withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate agreement, Trump has also shied away from the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the European Union and its most influential members during his tenure.

The outgoing president has also relied on figures far from the world of diplomacy, such as his former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

For his part, Biden appears to be moving toward more professional diplomacy.

Saturday also selected three State Department agents, all of them women, who worked in the Obama administration.

The appointment of each member of this team will be subject to a vote in the Senate.

"Americans can rest assured that these patriots will work for the nation's interests and will reflect our noblest ideas on the international stage," former Bill Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright wrote in a tweet commenting on the Biden team's nomination announcement.

In response to criticism accusing him of being almost surrounded by former Obama administration workers, the President-elect indicated that the State Department will be more open to multilateralism than ever before.

"We cannot enter this stage with the same habits and ideas," Biden's team said, adding, "We need officials of various backgrounds, representing America."


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