The European Union calls on Israel to facilitate elections in all Palestinian territories

The European Union welcomed Saturday evening President Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree on Friday regarding the holding of legislative, presidential and National Council elections in the coming months, starting with the legislative elections on May 22, and the Union expressed its readiness to support the Palestinian elections, while He called on Israel to facilitate the holding of elections in all Palestinian territories.

"This is a welcome development, because participatory, representative and accountable democratic institutions are essential to self-determination and state-building for the Palestinians," the union said in a statement on the launch of the elections.

"The European Union has, in recent years, supported and financed the work of the Central Elections Commission in order to prepare for the holding of free, fair and inclusive elections for all Palestinians, and the European Union is ready to work with the relevant authorities to support the electoral process," the European Union spokesman affirmed.

The European Union called on the occupation authorities to facilitate the holding of elections in all Palestinian territories, according to the statement.


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