Center: 250 arrest cases carried out by the occupation army at the beginning of this year

 occupation escalated the policy of arrests it carried out against Palestinians, as the center monitored 250 arrests at the beginning of the year.

The following is the text of the statement:

Palestine Center / 250 arrests since the beginning of this year

The Palestine Center for Family Studies confirmed that the occupation escalated during the new year the policy of arrests carried out against our people, which became a daily occurrence associated with the Palestinian people, as the center monitored (250) arrests since the beginning of this year.

The researcher, Riad Al-Ashqar, Director of the General Center 2021 described that he would not be better off than the previous year, as arrests escalated dramatically during the first two weeks, in addition to the increase in the number of prisoners infected with Coronavirus within only two weeks, by 90% compared to ten full months of the year 2020, which threatens the lives of the prisoners.

Al-Ashqar explained that the arrests have become a drain on the Palestinian people, and one of the tools of oppression that the occupation uses to fight it, and influence its resistance, as it affects all segments of Palestinian society, so that no hour passes without the occupation carrying out an arrest operation for one or more citizens.

"Al-Ashqar" indicated that the arrests affected (30) minor children under the age of eighteen, the youngest of whom is the child "Youssef Alaa Al-Haddad," 11 years old, from the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, as well as the two children, "Ammar Mahmoud Thawabata, 15, from the town of Beit Fajjar in Bethlehem, and “Diaa Muhammad Ubaid,” 15, from Issawiya, Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces arrested the wounded boy, "Mohi Al-Din Ghaith" (18 years), at the 60 military checkpoint, south of Hebron, after he was shot and injured while he was near the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Al-Ashqar added that the occupation arrested the lawyer Suhail Ashour Al-Husseini, 59, and his son, the lawyer, Fahd, after storming their house in the Jabal Jawhar area of ​​Hebron. Sheikh Saeed Abdul Aziz Arma, 52, was also arrested after raiding his house in Ramallah. After his picture spread on social media, holding a slingshot and throwing stones at the occupation soldiers in defense of the lands of his village, which the occupation seeks to steal and confiscate.

The Center also monitored one case of arrest from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of this year for a young man while trying to infiltrate from the northern Gaza Strip into the occupied interior. He was released after being detained for hours and interrogated.

Al-Ashqar indicated that the most prominent event during the new year is the spread of the Corona virus among the prisoners significantly, and the increase in the number of infected prisoners from 140 prisoners at the end of last year, to 236 prisoners, and this number is expected to increase as a result of the presence of dozens of prisoners who had contact, and samples were taken from them, and no results showed After examining them, in addition to the fact that the occupation is manipulating the real numbers of wounded prisoners, because it is the only source of information about the conditions and preparation of prisoners who are injured in isolation in special departments.

While the state of tension, tension and anxiety still hangs over all prisons after the huge increase in the number of injured and the transfer of the disease from one prison to another, especially after the deterioration of the health of the prisoner "Basil Makhlouf" from Tulkarm as a result of his infection with Corona and his entry into the stage of danger and his transfer to intensive care at Soroka Hospital, And the occupation is still stalling in agreeing to give the prisoners the Coronavirus vaccine.

Al-Ashqar indicated that during the past two weeks the health of many prisoners had deteriorated and reached a dangerous point due to the recklessness of their lives and the continuing policy of medical negligence against them. Follow-up of his case, where he has been suffering for several months, severe pain in the abdomen, and he has been detained since 2002, and the occupation refuses to release him even though he has only several months left of his 20-year sentence.

It was also confirmed that the prisoner "Jamal Amr" from Hebron had cancerous tumors in the liver and kidneys, and that the cancer had started to spread to other places in his body and his health condition was very difficult.

The prisoners also continued the repression and abuse of prisoners by attacking the sections of the heavily armed special units, destroying their private belongings and confiscating many of them, the most dangerous of which was in Ofer prison, where a number of prisoners suffocated as a result of gas spraying on them during incursions into sections (16, 22, 21), in addition to To the withdrawal of all electrical appliances from the prisoners ’sections, which prompted them to protest the return of meals.

Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies



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