Dozens of people suffocated and 4 were wounded by bullets in clashes in Mughayir, northeast of Ramallah

 Dozens of citizens were suffocated by tear gas, and 4 other civilians were wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets, during clashes with the Israeli occupation forces that broke out at the eastern entrance to the village of Mughayir, after a memorial service. 40 days after the death of the child Ali Abu Alia.

Local sources confirmed that the confrontations broke out at the eastern entrance to the village of Al-Mughayer, refusing to establish a settlement outpost on the lands of the village, where activities that reject the outpost are held weekly, as today's confrontations resulted in dozens of cases of suffocation with tear gas that were treated in the field. In addition, 4 other young men were wounded with rubber-coated metal bullets in the limbs, and one of the wounded was taken to hospital for treatment.

Prior to the clashes, the people of Mughayer, with the participation of hundreds of residents of the village and the neighboring village of Kafr Malik, organized a memorial service for the child martyr Ali Abu Alia, who was killed 40 days ago, during clashes with Mugheer at the time.

The ceremony was held at the cemetery of al-Mughayir village, then the participants moved to the place of the martyrdom of the child Abu Alya, and a memorial to the martyr was erected there, after which confrontations erupted at the eastern entrances to the village against the establishment of a settlement outpost inside the occupation army camp established on the lands of the village and established two years ago, where the people continue Their weekly activities against the establishment of that focus.

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