Arrest of 14 citizens at dawn

the occupation forces arrested 14 citizens of the West Bank today, Tuesday.

And local sources reported to  that the occupation forces arrested the liberated prisoner Abdel Fattah Al-Qaddumi, Muhammad Al-Jallad and Huzaifa Abu Sarees from Tulkarm.

It also arrested 5 citizens from the Jenin governorate: Amir Zakarneh and his brother Muhammad Zakarneh, Muhammad Abu al-Rub, Ayyash Zakarneh and Muhammad al-Kanoush.

And from the town of Tamoun in Tubas, the occupation arrested Othman Bani Odeh.

Zahir Radi, Amr Bairat, Muhammad Zahran and Montaser Qaddah were arrested from Ramallah.

From the town of Anata, east of Jerusalem, Nour Mahmoud Zahir Salameh was arrested.


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