Palestinian Professor Moataz Sabry registers two patents in Japan

Palestinian professor Moataz Sabri has registered two patents in artificial intelligence in Tokyo, Japan.

Sabri said: Palestine has minds capable of making a difference if it has the conditions and the environment required, praising the Palestinian programmers who proved their presence, and imposed their mark on the march of progress and informatics that is sweeping the world.

Professor Moataz Sabri said in an interview with a local news agency that the state of emergency was declared in Tokyo a week ago for the second time due to the increase in the number of injuries and deaths in Corona, and this forced us to work from our homes for a long time, but it was an opportunity to restore things and develop what human was planning for years, explaining that the patent was the result of work for a year and a half, and two scientific papers followed by scientific publications last December in a magazine in Germany, and this is a Palestinian achievement " I am an engineer I am the one who delivered this project for Japanese communications."

Sabry added, "These projects are mainly a seed provided by Japanese companies to develop their work method, and the first idea was to develop the steel and steel project, a Japanese company that occupies the No. 3 position in the world in the field of steel production, and they wanted to develop their production through artificial intelligence."

He explained that artificial intelligence can surpass humans in one case, which is speed, but performance is always linked to the human factor, as the role that we were playing in the patent that we registered is to monitor the smelting furnaces of Japanese steel, and we noticed the presence of impurities in the smelting process, and these Impurities must be pumped out to reduce their effect in the smelting process, and the pumping process usually costs a lot of time in terms of its calculation, and artificial intelligence can do this process in less than seconds, and this is something that surprised us in the first patent.

He said: I was surprised at first glance by the great interest in Japan in this invention, and on the next day I published the patent paper, there were 13 articles in Japanese newspapers and media talking about this achievement.

He pointed out that the second patent was larger, and it gained attention in the Japanese domestic market and in many scientific articles, and the idea for this project was based on 5G for Japanese communications, as they wanted to use something to test their abilities and flex their muscles as large companies work, so that artificial intelligence is integrated with communications. And here there was a kind of challenge that the task that I received in this project aims to preserve the privacy of people, and at the same time we are talking about processing videos in a way that does not violate the privacy of any of the users or people appearing in the video, and here the challenge was to encrypt the data, and that We maintain speed of performance. He continued: In general, this project is a complete system that aims to track people in public places with high speed and high performance, provided that no image of people is saved, nor any detail of their details, and we were wondering how to track people without seeing them? And here comes the role of artificial intelligence, and we try to hide most of the characteristics that we describe by looking at people and encode them in the manner of intercalated properties, and their role comes when we want to track people. For example, so-and-so walked in a specific path, and we know that the person walked in certain steps, by means of this feature, and without saving any of his images. "

He added: "For example at airports, if there is a person, a bag, or anything suspicious, we can click on the image and track where he went in detail and easily. Also, smart stores do not do the traditional payment process in cash, but through the id where you go to the supermarket." And hold all the things that you want and exit automatically without an account, and here comes the role of the software to know what things you have purchased, and the calculation is done automatically in connection with the private id, and it is linked to human characteristics through the way of walking or hairstyle or clothing, and the camera that records these things sends us This data, and we extract the useful from it, and get rid of the private things, adding that "this system is approved at the level of countries, but not with this privacy."

With regard to the renewable energy project, Professor Moataz Sabry said, "This is an interesting project, and while I worked in Japan, I tried to conduct training courses within the framework of the private company to train Palestinian competencies in the field of artificial intelligence, and the role was effective in this direction, and at the same time I ran special projects." Within this company, including several aerial survey projects for cities, so that we know where to put solar cells, and where to analyze the direction of the sun and solar radiation for each city or every house, and we issue statistics, for each house how much its production capacity for electricity per year, for example, and how much can you achieve winds of consumption Daily and annual, this idea is not new, and the Middle East region does not have that much data analysis.

He continued: I was able to design a software that analyzes aerial images from satellite, and we extract from it where there are places where we put solar cells, and calculate the production capacity of these cells, and the main goal of it is to direct people to this type of energy, because it provides a lot in the long term, and in the short term we may not feel Production, but it is necessary to be aware of this kind of energy. "

Sabry said, "In the field of artificial intelligence, you do not need any kind of extraordinary tools in order to be yourself. There are online courses, and I offer one of these courses, and we can configure ourselves in this direction, and this is the second stage after programming."

He pointed out that "the software chip in Palestine is very advanced and rapidly growing, and the trend of artificial intelligence is still weak. We do not need external support to develop ourselves in this direction. The process is easy and it only needs perseverance and persistence, and there is a beautiful characteristic in Palestine represented in geographical diversity, and Jericho from The most beautiful examples of this, and the large areas, if exploited, could provide energy for all governorates of the homeland independently.

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