Gantz regrets his partnership with Netanyahu and calls for unity to bring him down

Blue-White party leader Benny Gantz expressed, Monday evening, his remorse after he allied with Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of Likud, after the recent elections to form a government.

Gantz said in a press conference that he was wrong to shake hands with Netanyahu and work with him in one government, calling on all Israeli parties to unite to work to bring down Netanyahu.

He pointed out that in 3 previous election campaigns and after the public trusted him, he succeeded in preventing Netanyahu from forming a dangerous and extremist right-wing government that would have granted him immunity.

And he sent a message to all the parties of the center and the Israeli left, in which he said, "Whoever considers Israel important to him, let him come to unite."

He indicated that he was ready to make concessions for the sake of the unity of the parties and toppled Netanyahu, and that he would sacrifice a lot for this goal.

"Netanyahu is holding an entire country by the throat, only so that he can escape from the horror of the trial," he said, calling on the Israeli public to not give him such an opportunity again and work to bring him down and not be elected.

Gantz accused Netanyahu of being deceitful and deceived him in many cases, noting that while Israel was collapsing economically, healthily, socially and politically, Netanyahu was preoccupied with his criminal cases and arranging tax benefits for himself, and working to divide and dismantle society from the inside to serve his personal interests and to evade prosecution.

He added, "I will fight alongside the people of Israel, and work to get Netanyahu out and topple him, and not to allow him to dismantle us into partisan shrapnel."

In response, Likud said that while Netanyahu is busy getting vaccines, politicians are working to attack him.

Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, responded to those statements, that the only thing he could do now was not to run in the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, the There is a Future party led by Yair Lapid said that every effort will be made to form a new government that will change the face of Israel.


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