His knee in Hamad Hospital, Gaza,: Tuqa : I derive my strength from my new prosthesis

He met a 17-year-old girl who had suffered amputation of her right limb above the knee since she was three years old.

And she continued, "I always draw my strength from my end, and life needs internal strength to continue to succeed."

Regarding her dream, Tuqa said, "I would like to complete high school with distinction, and my dream is to study the specialty of prosthetic limbs in order to provide service to those like me and restore their dreams to me as Hamad Hospital restored my dream to me."

About her suffering, her mother spoke, "She traveled several times during the fifteen years to install and change the prosthesis. I was obliged to change it for her or maintain it every six months, and this was not always available, but now she is getting a new, high-quality limb in the prosthetic department without incurring the trouble of traveling." ".

Meanwhile, Taqa expressed her thanks to Qatar and Hamad Hospital, which provided her and those with amputations with high-quality and comfortable limbs that help them complete their lives with full force.

On the other hand, Head of the Prosthetics Department, Ahmed Al-Absi, explained that with the support and endeavor of the senior management, the department and through the rehabilitation team provided a high-quality care model in accordance with international standards and contributed to the introduction of positive changes in the patient’s life that helped him face challenges and improve his quality of life, by following The method of cooperation and discussion, taking into account the individual needs of the patient on the part of the party to ensure maximum benefit from him in the exercise of daily and professional life functions in a correct manner and without obstacles.

"These modern parties will help amputees be productive people in society, enjoy a normal life, and are able to work, practice sports and hobbies, after amputation problems were the cause of many of them with introverted diseases and innumerable social problems.

Al-Absi stated, "The Artificial Limbs Department at HH Sheikh Hamad Hospital and funded by the Qatar Fund for Development - has managed, since the start of operation on April 22 of the year 2019 to date, to provide more than 200 high-quality artificial limbs and prosthetic devices, and the department constantly strives to keep pace with medical developments and modern technology in this field In a way that guarantees a quality service that contributes to alleviating the suffering of patients with amputations in the Gaza Strip.

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