"General Motors" changes its logo to highlight its efforts in the field of electric cars

The famous "General Motors" company for the automobile industry has introduced modifications to its logo as a start to a process of changing its image as a whole, which aims to highlight its efforts in the field of electric cars.

The group said in a statement that the new visual symbol "stems from a long tradition, but includes a more modern and dynamic touch added to the traditional GM blue square."

The new blue gradient in the letters "G" and "M" symbolizes the blue sky, which expresses the ambition for a future free of polluting emissions.

This scaling has been used in some versions of the logo and has been adopted for the “Altium” electric battery platform developed by the group.

As for the new shape of the letter "M", it symbolizes the electrical outlet (the plug), while the line that was present in the old logo remained, but under the letter "M" alone, not under the two letters.

The statement quoted General Motors Marketing Director Deborah Wahl as saying, "We have, for the first time, the necessary solutions, capacity, technology and size sufficient for everyone to use an electric car."

"Our new graphic identity and communication campaign aims to express this," she added.

GM has recently stepped up its efforts in the field of electric and autonomous cars, promising to invest $ 27 billion in them before 2025, as it seeks to enhance its capabilities to confront Tesla and its young competitors.

The group intends to launch 30 new models of electric cars by the end of 2025, with models in each of the four brands of the group, which are "Cadillac", "GMC", "Chevrolet" and "Buick".

In order to promote its new identity, the group is launching a new version of its website Monday.

General Motors was the first among the major auto industry groups to produce an electric car in the 1990s, but since then it has been largely overtaken by Tesla, led by its founder Elon Musk, which has been able to enhance consumers' acceptance of this technology based on its contribution to reducing Emissions leading to warming.


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