Creating smart contact lenses that can perform multiple functions

A research team from several countries has created smart contact lenses equipped with a thin sensor unit on its surface, which allows them to perform multiple tasks.

The scientific journal "Mater" reported that a team of engineers at the University of Surrey in Britain, in cooperation with partners from the universities of George Washington and Harvard in the United States, Zhejiang University, the University of Science and Technology in China and the National Physics Laboratory in Britain, succeeded in developing the new lenses thanks to a scientific precedent in the technology of manufacturing sensors.

The new lenses contain an optical sensor unit to receive visual information, a thermometer to detect eye diseases, and a glucose measurement unit to monitor its level in tears.

The "Science Daily" website, which specializes in technology, quoted researcher Chiki Gua from Harvard University as saying that "the new lenses differ from their current counterparts as the thin sensor unit that has been invented can be attached to vision correction lenses, and it can interact directly with tears and make Different biometrics without any effect on visual acuity. "

The study team confirmed that the sensor unit that is attached to the contact lenses can be used to monitor the health status and diagnose diseases in the future. "Our findings not only provide a unique and simple way to manufacture smart contact lenses, but also enable the creation of versatile electronic devices," said researcher Yunlong Chau at the University of Surrey.


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