Realization of a new artificial intelligence technology that allows robots to write in Braille for the blind

 A team of researchers at the University of Bristol in England has developed a new system for artificial intelligence that can be used to train robots to write on the blind braille keyboards.

Braille is a system for writing in bolded letters that allows blind people to read different texts depending on their sense of touch.

The website "TechExplore" quoted the researcher, Nathan Libora, one of the participants in the study, as saying that "the general idea behind this experiment is to teach the robot how to perform heavy tasks such as manual skills performed by humans."

The experiment by Libura and his colleagues aims to teach a robot how to type on a braille keyboard thanks to deep learning techniques, an experience that takes a long time for humans to acquire.

"In principle ... if you have flexible robotic fingers and a good system for artificial intelligence, it is possible to train the robot to perform any skill that humans do with their hands," said Libura.


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