British director Michael Abbtd dies

British filmmaker Michael Abted, known for his documentary "AB" and in one of the parts of the James Bond film series, died on Friday at the age of 79, according to his agent.

Upted's most notable works include "Nashville Lady" (1980) and "Gorillas in the Mist" (1988), as well as "The World Is Nut Inf" (1999), from the James Bond film series.

However, what made him famous in Britain was his documentary series "Father", in which he tracked the development of 14 young Britons from different socio-economic backgrounds. Since they were seven years old in 1964, they filmed them every seven years, until they reached sixty-three.

In a statement he issued, Thomas Shalam, the current director of the American Directors Syndicate of which Michael Abbt was also president, believed that the legacy of the late "will remain forever in the history of cinema."

As for Kevin Lego, director of the ITV channel that was showing "AB," she said that this series "showed the best that television could offer in its ambition and ability to express society and entertain people while enriching the perspective of the human condition."


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