Several civilians were killed in an air strike in southwestern Afghanistan

Officials said today, Sunday, that several civilians were killed in an air strike by the Afghan air force in Nimroz province, southwest of the country.

It was not clear how many people were killed, as officials provided different figures.

A member of the regional council, Baz Muhammad Nasser, told the German news agency (dpa): The air strike that took place in the "Khchroud" region in the region killed at least 14 people, including women and children.

Nasser added that two other people were injured in the accident.

However, a member of the Council, Nematollah Siddiqui, said that the accident killed at least 14 people and injured one person.

And my friend said that the Afghan air force targeted many prominent figures from the Taliban movement in two areas of the province.

The 215 Corps of the Ministry of Defense said in a statement that reports had been received regarding civilian casualties after the air strike and that those reports were being investigated.

The Afghan Interior Ministry said earlier on Sunday that a spokesman for a state-sponsored security company and two of his colleagues were killed when a bomb exploded as they were driving to work in their cars.

Ministry spokesman Tariq Erian said that Diaa Wadan, a spokesman for the National Public Protection Force (NPF), and his colleagues were on their way to work, when the bomb exploded.

He added that it was not clear yet whether a magnetic bomb exploded in the car or if a roadside bomb was planted, which was used in the attack, and investigations are still underway.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the explosion, but Erian blamed it on the Taliban.

The security company is a governmental, semi-independent company that provides services to national and international organizations, in addition to governmental and non-governmental projects in various parts of the country.

Kabul has witnessed a wave of targeted killings in recent weeks, and many of the victims are journalists, civil society activists or media figures.

Afghan security forces have had little success in preventing these attacks.


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