Palestinian and Arab online campaign against "Facebook" policy

Dozens of Palestinian platforms participated in a campaign to stop publishing via Facebook on Saturday evening, in protest against the fight against Palestinian content and restrictions against it.

The call was launched from the initiative to protect Palestinian content on the Internet, with the participation of many Palestinian human rights and civil organizations, to stop a specific time limit for posting on Facebook, in protest against the policies of social media administrations, and their participation in the increasing restrictions on Palestinian content.

The campaign was attended by 6 satellite channels, 10 local radio stations, 20 news agencies and networks, 18 Palestinian institutions and initiatives, in addition to dozens of Palestinian platforms through Facebook, Arab pages, celebrities and media professionals.

The campaign to stop publishing was accompanied by Twitter on the tag #FacebookCensorsPalestine to show the extent of Facebook's bias and its fight against Palestinian content, and the hashtag was issued on Twitter in Palestine, and the campaign demanded a complete suspension of posting on the Facebook platform from 5 pm on Saturday 09 January 2021.

The Sada Social Center documented hundreds of violations by the Facebook administration, which blocked hundreds of accounts of prominent Palestinian activists and press and news platforms, in addition to many violations of the right to Palestinian content, including reducing the percentage of publications reaching the public on social media, where the decrease reached 50 percent. In addition to closing accounts, blocking pages for varying periods and freezing ad properties.

The center monitored more than 1,200 violations of the right of Palestinian content on social media, most of them focused on Facebook, during the year 2020.

The Sada Social Center confirmed that violations during the year 2020 increased numerically by 20 percent compared to the previous year, and took new dimensions and patterns that showed clear targeting of Palestinian content on the Facebook platform.


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