10 citizens were arrested at dawn

The Israeli occupation forces arrested 10 Palestinians in the West Bank early Tuesday.
According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces arrested Juma Ramadan and Zakaria Rayyan from the town of Zeta Jamain, south of Nablus, as they passed the Za'atra checkpoint.
The forces also stormed the city of Nablus and arrested the young Man Yasser al-Mudmouj.
From Tulkarem, Mohammed Abu Leva, from Izbat al-Jarad, and Raed Gozah from Tulkarem camp, along with Fouad Al-Shalabi and Adnan Samara, were arrested before being released later Tuesday.
In the same vein, the occupying army arrested Fadi Abu Ghannam, Hamza Abu Ghannam and Yas Obeid from the occupied city of Jerusalem.

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