The Israeli army killed 25 Palestinians and wounded 787 in the West Bank in 2020

The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz reported today, Sunday, that the Israeli army killed 25 Palestinians, including 7 children, in the West Bank regions, during the past 2020.

According to a report by the newspaper, 787 Palestinians were also wounded by bullets of the occupation army, with live ammunition and rubber bullets, including 155 children, noting that 632 of them were hit with rubber, including 127 children, while 155 were wounded by live bullets, including 28 children, and this does not include injury 1513 Palestinians suffocated with tear gas and required treatment in the field or small clinics, including 195 children.

The report indicated that 214 residents of Kafr Qaddum were injured this year by Israeli army fire, among them 36 children, of whom 139 were hit by tear gas, 65 by rubber bullets, and 5 by live bullets, in addition to nervous shock injuries that were not recorded.

The newspaper published in its lengthy report to the journalist and writer Amira Has, a story of two minors, one from Qalandia camp, Bashar Hamad (16 years old), and the other from Kafr Qaddum, who is Yusef Taha (17 years old), and their suffering with injuries to the head, which caused the loss of Hamad His right eye, while Taha suffers from health problems in his skull, constant headaches and instability, and they need a long period of treatment to recover.

According to the report, both of them have not yet been able to return to school, and do not prefer to talk about their injuries, especially since they were close to certain death.

On the seventeenth of last November, while Bashar was returning from his school with his brother, an Israeli force was storming several shops and buildings in the area, amid heavy firing of tear gas canisters, and the firing of rubber bullets before a bullet hit him, during which he felt that it hit his eye, which flowed From them blood in a state of panic and screaming before he lost consciousness.

After struggling to move to several hospitals, it turned out that there is no special section for the eyes, Bashar arrived at Al-Najah University Hospital and underwent an operation, but the doctor asked his family to sign a permit allowing the eye to be removed.

Thus, Bashar joined 46 Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem who were injured in the skull and their eyes affected by the targeting of them by the occupation since 2008.

As for the suffering of Yusef Taha from Kafr Qaddum, on November 27 last year, he was injured by a rubber bullet in the back of the neck, which led him to fall hard on his face on the ground, and it became clear later that there were cracks in the bones around the eye and at the back of the skull.

Taha was trying to reach his family's home when he was injured, while the Israeli soldiers pursued a group of young men. The process of transporting him to the hospital took about 40 minutes due to the closure of several roads until he arrived at Rafidia Hospital in Nablus, amid long suffering, until he was treated. He suffers the effects of this injury and takes many months to recover.


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