extensive damage to factories and infrastructure in Gaza as a result of the Israeli aggression

The Israeli bombing, at dawn today, Saturday, on the eastern region of Al-Tuffah neighborhood to the east of Gaza City, caused great damage to the factories and infrastructure of that area.

A large number of factories were affected - as shown by videos and photos - published by a number of factories, including one for soft drinks, another for aluminum, a third for recycling plastic, and other factories.

The damage to those factories led to the disruption of work for hundreds of workers, who will temporarily lose their jobs for an indefinite period until they are rebuilt.

In the same context, the Gaza Electricity Company said that the aggression led to great damage in some electricity networks, as power towers, transformers, automatic circuit breakers, and many cables, wires and panels were damaged.

The competent authorities of the company estimated the initial losses at more than (70) thousand shekels.

The company's engineering and technical crews moved last night to remove the danger of electricity and assess the damage that appeared to be very large, and after neutralizing the danger, these teams used alternative lines and backup paths to deliver electricity to the citizens whose residential neighborhoods are fed by the damaged networks.

The company’s crews are currently beginning to rebuild new towers instead of destroyed ones, and to extend cables and wires to ensure the return of the networks as they were and with the efficiency of the previous work.


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