Warning of the emergence of new complications of corona that lead to death, even among young people

The consultant of care and anesthesia, head of the intensive care department at the Istishari Hospital, Dr. Imad Tayem, warned of some citizens' disdain and their lack of commitment to medical and preventive procedures, warning of the emergence of new complications from the Corona virus that lead to death even for young people who do not have Any chronic diseases.

In an interview with "Voice of Palestine" radio, on Monday morning, Tim said that the cases that enter the intensive care unit suffer from respiratory failure that leads to failure in other organs, especially the kidneys and blood vessels, which happened with a young man from Ramallah governorate who had blood clots after He was infected with the Coronavirus, which led to his death.

Dr Tim explained that one of the means of treating Corona complications in this acute period is to continue taking anti-clotting drugs known as blood thinners, because Corona not only affects the respiratory system and lungs, but also affects the veins and arteries.

The Care and Anesthesia Consultant indicated that, during the last month, he entered the advisory hospital, with cases of infection with the Corona virus for young people who do not have any chronic diseases and whose cases quickly reached fibrosis, pointing out that they are entering the hospital at a final stage, which means it is difficult to save their lives.


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