Six months passed by ... Mass demonstrations against Netanyahu

 Meanwhile, thousands of Israelis are demonstrating in mass rallies in separate areas of Israeli cities to demand the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu from his position as Prime Minister and the formation of an official investigation committee into the submarine deal.

According to the Yediot Aharonot website, more than a thousand demonstrators began to gather at the entrance to the city of Jerusalem near Netanyahu's residence on Balfour Street, while hundreds gathered in various intersections and cities, amid expectations that thousands will participate in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during the next few hours, as happened in the past weeks. .

Hundreds of people will gather at the entrance to Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital, where Netanyahu will arrive tonight to be vaccinated against Corona.

Today, 6 months have passed since those demonstrations that began half a year ago, as the demonstrators demand the resignation of Netanyahu due to the judicial files against him, as well as due to political, health and social issues and his failure to confront the Corona virus crisis.

The demonstrations are taking place with the possibility of dissolving the Knesset within 72 hours, and Israel may go to a fourth election within two years.


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