Gaza Health: The coming weeks will witness the height of the epidemic

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said this evening, Thursday, that the relevant committees in the ministry indicate that the next few weeks will witness the peak of the epidemic, and this is the most dangerous stage.

In a press statement, the Ministry stated that the increase in the number of injuries poses a threat to society, and this requires concerted efforts to flatten the curve of the outbreak.

She pointed out that the serious and critical cases exceeded the absorptive capacity of the European Gaza Hospital, and we began to absorb the cases in the places designated for the rest of the hospitals.

She indicated that exceptional efforts made by health personnel in the face of the pandemic have succeeded until this moment in keeping the health system working without collapse.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza emphasized the societal role in enhancing adherence to preventive measures in order to overcome this dangerous stage and exit from it with the least losses.

She also stressed the utmost attention to prevention and preservation measures for the elderly, people with chronic diseases, weak immunity and children.


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