Settlers uproot 250 olive trees in Kisan

the oldest settlers from the Abyei Nahal settlement, which is built on the lands of citizens from the village of Kisan to the east of Bethlehem, owned by Ayoub Yousef Abayat.

Ahmed Ghazal, deputy head of the village council, said that the settlers were not satisfied with uprooting the trees, but rather they remained in them with the encouragement of the occupation forces, as they seek to seize large lands in their vicinity to annex it to their settlement.

Ghazal explained that the uprooting of trees is considered the culmination of attacks on citizens and their property that these settlers have intensified in the last two days, including the storming of the village last night and throwing stones at some houses, and the settlers attacking a number of farmers and herders with their dogs, and all this with the protection of the occupation soldiers and their flirtation with the settlers in full view. Farmers themselves.


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