Cyber ​​attack targeting 40 Israeli companies

Hebrew media sources revealed that 40 Israeli companies specializing in the fields of medicine, technology and shipping were subjected to a cyber attack, Sunday evening.

The "Walla" Hebrew news site stated that the shipping and logistics company "Orian" announced today, Sunday, that it had been subjected to a cyber attack, and submitted a report on this to the Stock Exchange.

The company said that it is one of 40 companies, all of which are customers of the programming company "Amital", and was affected by the cyber attack that targeted "Orrian".

"We are marketing programs to companies in the field of customs brokerage, which raised fears that the attack would disrupt the delivery of parcels and shipments sent to the Hebrew state," the website stated.

Senior Israeli sources in the Internet industry expected that "hostile" countries or elements are behind the hacking process, and not hackers whose goal is to demand money from the company, as happened in the case of hacking the servers of the Israeli insurance company "Sherbit", which the hacker group "Black Shadow" claimed responsibility for Attack and demanded a ransom of millions of dollars, otherwise they will sell the information they have.


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