Lexus is developing new technology for use in the US electric vehicle industry

 Although hybrid cars that are powered by gasoline and electric motors are nothing new for the Japanese luxury car maker Lexus and its parent company Toyota, battery-powered electric cars are also for Lexus on According to the Motor Trend website, which specializes in auto topics.

According to Motor Trend, Lexus does not currently sell any electric cars in the US market, although it does sell such cars as the UX 300E in other markets. However, it appears that the company's position on the US market will change.

Lexus is expected to unveil its plans to develop electric motor vehicles through the upcoming test model that uses four-wheel drive technology known as "Daycare Four" developed by Lexus.

It is noteworthy that the "Daycare Four" technology is designed for use in both hybrid and electric cars, and allows precise control of the transmission of engine torque from both the front and rear electric motors and brake force to the four wheels of the car.

While Lexus intends to officially display the new technology through a test model of a car that appears low-suspension and has a long front, the company has presented two pictures of two camouflaged vehicles it says are working with the new technology, as it is believed that one of them will be the Lexus ES sedan and the other will be in the multi-purpose car category Sports Equipments (SUV).

Motor Trend expects to disclose more information about Daycare technology and its future uses in the coming months, and perhaps at the same time that Lexus will unveil its new concept.


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