WhatsApp is adding the "shopping carts" feature to shopping through the app

Facebook's WhatsApp messaging service announced the introduction of a new feature for shopping carts that allows users to buy their needs through the application.

"With these shopping carts, people can browse brochures for sale, choose several products, and send their orders in the form of a single message," WhatsApp explained on a blog post announcing the new feature available all over the world.

"This is happening in good time during the holiday season. We wish you a pleasant shopping on WhatsApp," she added.

With this new feature, WhatsApp seeks to attract merchants and companies to its WhatsApp Business application, which includes 50 million accounts for business owners, in order to manage their incoming orders and communicate with customers.

The service also seeks to encourage its 1.5 billion users around the world to shop on its platform.

The development of commerce through the messaging service is a major challenge for "WhatsApp", which, despite its wide spread, does not make large profits from advertising. The network also lacks an integrated online payment service.

Last week, WhatsApp entered the threshold of mobile payments in the highly promising Indian market, to compete with giant groups such as Google and Alibaba.

And she announced the launch of "WhatsApp Pay" in India, its largest market with nearly 400 million users.


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