The Supreme Court refuses to rule on Trump´s case to overturn the elections in his favor and considers it invalid

On Friday, the Supreme Court refused to consider a lawsuit filed by the Texas authorities, with the participation of US President Donald Trump and 126 Republican representatives from the US House of Representatives, to cancel the results of the presidential elections in four states, and rejected other related allegations.

The court ruling issued in the name of all the nine judges said: "Texas has no right to decide how to vote for other states, and therefore this case is null, asking the outgoing US president to stop wasting court time."

After the US Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit seeking to annul the results of the presidential elections that took place on November 3 and won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Trump said in a tweet on his Twitter account: "The Supreme Court failed us and did not show wisdom and courage."

The states that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called for annulling the presidential election results are Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which are crucial.

While the two voters are expected to gather to confirm their votes, Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden, and asserts that the elections were "stolen" from him.

In the absence of concrete elements to support Trump's accusations of election fraud, most of the complaints lodged by his allies across the United States were dropped in the courts.

More than 120 Republican members of Congress joined the measure, despite strong criticism from legal experts.

The move paves the way for confirmation that President-elect Joe Biden will be the country's 46th president.

It is the second time in recent days that the court nullified the Trump team's efforts to nullify the election results.

Last Tuesday, judges rejected an attempt by Republican Representative Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania and others to block the election results in the state last week.


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